2020 festival canceled

8th Annual Houston Barbecue Festival Cancellation

In the interest of the health and safety of our guests, vendors, staff, volunteers and sponsors, the 8th Annual Houston Barbecue Festival is canceled due to concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Will I get a refund?

Yes, all ticket buyers will get a full refund, as soon as possible. It will be applied to the payment method you used to pay for the tickets. Gift card buyers will also get a full refund, with the option of instead applying the gift card to future events.

Can’t you just reschedule?

Due to the complex logistics and scheduling requirements of the festival, this is not possible. First, we have no idea how long the current coronavirus situation will last. Also, we prefer not to have an outdoor festival in Houston during the summer months, for obvious reasons. The venue is usually completely booked in the fall. With all these things in mind, we decided to cancel this year’s event and concentrate on next year’s event in March or April 2021.

How can I help?

Keep supporting Houston barbecue! Continue to safely patronize your favorite local Houston barbecue joints. Follow this link for more HOUBBQ Community News: https://www.houbbq.com/news/

Thank you as always for your support and understanding. HOUBBQ is as strong as ever.



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